Our organization is inside Dos Hermanas, a little town close to Seville which traditionally has been related with table olives. From the beginning of the last century are these pictures, where it is observed the evolution during the time of our business.


The beginning

The beginning dates back to half of XX century. On this date, the first generation of dealer olives, with big efforts, makes that our company will be opening into the hard and difficult business of selling olives, in the way that traditionally they used to do.

Early life

The first customers of our business were little companies and commercials that sold their olives in markets and grocery stores. The distribution was made in a way completely different to the currently, with an extra difficult, that the drums, instead of plastic, were of wood, so it was more hard the transport of the merchandise.

primeros años de vida

The machinery

The pitted work was complex and laborious. In this image we can see how this people made this job, with rudimentary machines, almost woman. With extremely patience, one to one was made this essential function for an olives company.

la maquinaria

Updates to the currently business

After a certain length of time, and after lots of investments focus in the updated of the installations, our business has developed and actualized to the new neediness that market require, keeping like always the tradition learned over time from generation to generation.

Transmission over generations

However, we can’t forget that one of our most important qualities of our business model is the transmission by generations of all the knowledge acquire by the years. Currently, second and third generation share in the same, making more than a company, a way of live.

generación en generación

The quality

Our business is characterized by the final quality of the product. Ramon Polo is an organization exigent and self-critical, that always looking for the improving in the process and the excellence in the final product.

la calidad 1

Through the selection and the classified process of olives, employees and machines share functions, making a better efficiency of the process.

la calidad 2

Opening to new markets

So, now that our company is consolidated in a national level, with the upcoming of the new generations in the management, our business is focused on the internationalizing of our product, giving the best services to exigent customers that pretend acquire our olives. We are compromised with the quality and the respect to the environment.

apertura a nuevos mercados