Mision and Vision

Andalusia has been one of the most important olive-growing areasin the world for centuries,and therefore table olives, and it is still nowadays. The production of the first table olives “Sevillian style” started at the end of XIX century, in the province of Seville.

mision y vision 1

To get an idea about the importance of this sector, we will say that there are more than 250 millions of olives trees in Spain, and more than 140 millions of them are in Andalusia (out of the 900 millions of olive trees that there are in the world). The average density of planting in Andalusia is 106 trees/Ha.

The European Union, according to the International Olive Council, is the main producer of table olives in the world (an average of 704 thousand tons) and, within the UE, Spain is the first producer with 520 thousand tones. It means that we are the first producer country in the world of table olives.

Our business organization settled in Seville, the area with more production of olives in Spain, with more than 54,7% of all the production in Spain, specifically in Dos Hermanas, a big town dedicated for years to make table olives with “Sevillian Style”and that traditionally has been identified with this sector.
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For more than 50 years (date of creation of this Company) Ramon Polo S.A has been adapting itself to the new necessities in production, especially at national level, but without forgetting exportation and trades with the most important brands, making a production work.

But the structure of the market, as well as the upcoming of new generations, has caused that this Company takes a new policy: more expansive, more exigent and structured in a way that we can supply our products to new companies outside Spain.

We are engaged to quality and excellence of our products.