About Us

Ramonosotros 1n Polo S.A is a family business,with a marked national character, that has been operating for more than 50 years in Seville. Our business has three main basis: EXPERIENCE, TRADITION AND KNOWLEDGE

Currently our business is dedicated to the bulk sale of the most typical varieties of olives in Seville, including our star variety, SPANISH QUEEN OLIVES or Gordal, but also Hojiblanca and Manzanilla. All these varieties have a traditional nature, based on the traditionlearnt through generations, respecting the environment and with processes adapted to current needs, meeting stringent quality controls that make our company a very interesting brand to bet in the table olives sector

We are a tough and self-critical organization whichis continuously looking for improving the processes and which wants to sell products in new and different markets. We are an emerging company whose aim is the bulk sale products.

-Selling our products to industries, with the format DRUMS 220

– Packing of others brands